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The chemical peel is a medical cosmetic procedure which is to peel the skin using a chemical to find a new youth.

For several decades, chemical peels are used to restore radiance to the complexion and smooth the surface of the skin.

This technique involves the application on your skin a glycolic acid solution which will dissolve dead cells.

This treatment also contributes to the restructuring of the collagen by increasing the quality and quantity of elastin fibers located in the dermis.

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The peeling technique will allow:

  • To fade pigmentation and scarring;
  • Smooth out fine lines, refine skin texture;
  • Raise the synthesis of collagen and elastin and promote the production of new cells.

The new skin is more toned, smoother, more supple.

What do we deal with the peeling?

This treatment is effective on wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentary sun spots on the face, hands and neck.


After a single chemical peel treatment, your skin will have a healthier and more youthful appearance. For best results, you can perform peels every 10 days over a period of six weeks to stimulate cell regeneration. These treatments take only 20 minutes.

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