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A look that will turn heads!

Never again we will look at you the same way! With extensions of curved and soft eyelashes applied one by one on your natural eyelashes, they will look visibly longer, thicker and more dense … you’ll be on top of your look!

Comfortable and waterproof, eyelash extensions are made in Nuëeva with innovative products and technologies, offer the latest trends in the industry and the aesthetics of beauty.

Our trained and specialized beauticians in eyelash pose offers unparalleled service where professionalism and rigor are always appreciated. They take the time to look you with the desired thickness of your eyelashes and ask each of them, one by one, with unparalleled precision.

When the lashes fall out, nothing more simple, filling enough to keep your radiant and flawless look.

Be the best of your eyes and give you divine lashes!


Call for a free consultation and talk to one of our specialists. She will be happy to explain the procedure and answer your questions.