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IPL is the latest technology for fast and permanent hair removal treatment practically painless. More effective than the laser hair removal treatment, permanent hair removal with the Palomar technology, pulsed light offers a variety of options: hair removal for legs, back, bikini line, underarms and upper lip. For all types of skin and all parts of the body except the eye.


  • Pulsed light technologies uses a technology that removes hair up to ten times faster than laser hair removal. 
  • StarLux pulsed light systems used at Nuëeva emit pulses of intense light into the hair follicle. The light absorbed by the follicle of the pigment, is transformed into heat. The heat releases the hair follicle and inhibits responsible for the production of new hair.

Hair removal with hot wax …

The efficiency, speed and smoothness in Nuëeva!

Hair removal with hot wax is the most used since no hair institute hair removal technique, even the smallest, very fine, the hidden and even small invisible fluff can not withstand the technique.


Use the chocolate wax for hair removal is a real treat for your body!

We are proud to Nuëeva to offer you the best for your skin by offering hair removal wax filled with antioxidants that will make you live an experience full of beauty and efficiency while!

HAIR REMOVAL Saint-Lambert


Hair removal by electrolysis is a permanent hair removal technique since 1875.

Also called electrolytic or electrolysis, it involves creating chemical reactions in the transmission of electrical current to permanently dissolve the hair. In more explicit terms, it involves introducing a filament to the hair root, which happened super fast electric with current low voltage and adjusted the hair and the targeted region.


  • All skin types, provided they are healthy, can be shaved to electrolysis. Moreover, this point is one of the main advantages of this hair removal technique, as the red hair, dark, white, or blond, thin, big or medium, can be dissolved in electrolysis.
  • Hair removal is permanent, eliminating the problems of the incarnation of hair, sweating is reduced and normally hair removal electrolysis leaves no trace.

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