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Duration of treatment: 45 minutes –   $75

A treatment that deep cleans the impurities and toxins left by time and pollution. A scrub cleaning but gently to provide seasonal changes for a new and revitalized skin.


Intense cleaning effect

  • Cleans impurities and toxins deep;
  • Extraction of blackheads which prevent oxygenation of the skin.

Revitalization Extreme Effect

  • Hydrate and plumps skin deep;
  • Restores skin a radiant complexion and satin.
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DOUCEUR MARINE | Comforting Soothing Treatment

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes   –   $80

A halo of softness for skin that is sensitive or subject to redness.

This cocoon treatment softens the skin and improves its defense for a soothed and ideally hydrated epidermis, producing a radiant complexion.


  • DOUCEUR MARINE – Velvety Soothing Cream
  • DOUCEUR MARINE – Soothing Cocoon Mask


Treats the sensations of tight or irritated skin or redness, the epidermis is soothed and complexion is even.

Anti-irritation effect

  • Reduces the sensation of tautness;
  • Reduces the number and size of the irritated areas.

Anti-redness effect

  • Reduces redness;
  • Reduces unsightly visible small vessels.

Appeasement and reinforcement

  • Soothes the skin;
  • Protection against external aggressions.

HYDRA BLUE | Plumping Moisturizing Treatment

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes   –   $90

This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.


  • HYDRA ORIGINAL – Thirst-Relief Melting Cream
  • HYDRASEA – Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum
  • HYDRASEA – Thirst-Relief Rehydrating Mask


  • Hydrate, plumps and softens your skin thoroughly but gently;
  • Rest your features, flexible skin and restores radiance to your complexion.

ACNIPUR | Blemish Solution Treatment

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes   –   $75

This targeted cleansing and matifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves the skin visibly healthier, fresher and clearer.

* Highly recommended for teens.


  • MARIN BREEZE | Combination, dry, oily and skin problem (60 min) – $80
  • EXTENDED YOUTH | Wrinkle Correction Firming Treatment (60 min) – $95
  • WHITE LUMINATION | Luster standardizing care (60 min) – $80
  • SKIN ESCAPE FOR MEN | Oxygenating Care Detoxifying (50 min) – $80
  • EYE PERFECTION | Radiance Smoothing Eye Treatment (40 min) – $60
  • ADOLESCENT CARE | Purifying Hydra-Matte (60 min) – $65
  • EXPRESS BEAUTY | Care Beauty Face and Hands (45 min) – $65


  • ACNIPUR – Blemish Solution Fluid
  • OLIGOPUR – Purifying Cleansing Gel


This ACNIPUR treatment is the purifying solution for thick and oily skin with blemishes, regardless of your age. Used alone or as a cure of three treatments, ACNIPUR Blemish Solution Treatment cleans your skin in-depth, leaves it matte and, thanks to its astringent effect, evens out your complexion.

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